We want as many people as possible to create their own Hangloose Adventure and we are constantly striving to make our adrenalin activities as accessible as possible. Let’s discuss how we can get your heart racing and adrenalin pumping!

We are in the process of amending this page for better clarity, please see below for our current SOP for enhanced accessibility to the Skywire.


This procedure needs to be carried out by 3 instructors, with at least 2 of them disabled trained. This operation needs to be planned to ensure the smooth running and adequate staff. Participant’s should be briefed via email about the operation and how it runs before arrival.

Customer arrive in the dome as normal, (in the pre-advice they have the option for a pick up in the car park), after registration they can be transported to top tower in an Eden ‘golf’ buggy (this needs to be booked in advance with the Eden’s duty manager).

Before undertaking this procedure, the participant should be clearly briefed about what is going to happen and explain that they can back out at any time. Also explain:

  • That because of the sit harness there is a greater potential of a rescue and that we will be set up to get them off very quickly.
  • Explain that the whole operation could take 45 mins and if they’ve had a coffee would they like to use the facilities before starting.

If they wish to proceed, clear a suitable slot in the schedule, so that they can be looked after, without them feeling under pressure. Organise an instructor to lay out the kit in advance

At the top office participant’s can put on their harness on the deck or inside the office if the want privacy. Demonstrate how the harness should be fitted offer help, but they will most likely be OK on their own (they might preffer a friend to help).

The participant can make their way to the base of the start tower under their own power, again offer help but only intercede if help is requested

The participant should position the chair in line with the tower, making sure its secure.

Kit set up

    1. Trolley on line 1 with block and tackle through front attachment point of trolley with silver trolley further down the rope.
    2. Figure 8 knot through centre attachment point of trolley with grigri further down the rope.
    3. Triact to go through back attachment point of trolley (above cable) with rope through grigri, the purpose of this rope is to pull customer back into the platform.
    4. From this setup instructor to attach themselves and abseil down to lengthen the rope down to where the participant will be (please ensure that the area is below is clear before descending)
    5. At this point the participant will be in a sit and chest harness, positioned underneath sending tower, they can now be connected to the rope. Instructors should communicate with participant the whole time explaining the process.
    6. The system should then be tested lifting the participant 100 – 200mm to make sure the harnesses are correctly fastened and that the participant is comfortable and secure.
      Once this is double checked the main lift can be actioned.
    7. Ask the participant if they want to lift themselves, possibly tailed by an instructor.
    8. The lift can then start (with two instructors on eth ground ready to lift) pulling the white static rope, with ascenders if needed.
    9. At this stage participant wheel chair can be transported back down to landing 
      Instructors to communicate with each other, with one at the top waiting to assist, reassure participant as they may be nervous
    10. Once participant has reached the top, all instructors to go to the top of the tower
    11. One instructor needs to pull the participant in using the grigri setup up on cable
    12. If the participant needs a break they can be lowered to sit onto launch platform via grigri, (this shouldn’t be necessary)
    13. Back up leash can now be attached.
    14. Radio landing to set up rescue gear
    15. All rope can now be coiled and put into rucksack which participant can wear, this also needs to be attached to their harness with a karabiner
    16. Quick release now attached to back tri act and participant reassured and briefed on where to put their arms. Suggest that they hold the rope in from of them. They can let go if they wish and waive their arms.
    17. Complete radio calls and squeeze checks, now safety line that’s on grigri can now be removed and participant can be released
    18. The likelihood of a rescue is high if participant is in a sit harness, so check landing is prepared.
    19. The participant will fly as normal, and should land in a normal fashion, the participant’s chair should be on landing in a safe position.
    20. Once the participant has stopped and is secure the chair can be positioned beneath them and they can be lowered in to position using the grigri before being release.
    21. The participant can then leave landing, with help being offered on the bark,
    22. The kit is then re-stowed ready for the next use (if its wet is should be hung out to dry first)

Kit List

    • 2x static white rope (one shorter)
    • 1x block and tackle
    • 2x grigri
    • 1x red trolley
    • 1x silver trolley
    • 1x leash
    • 1x 1.75m hemp quick release line
    • 2x ascenders
    • 5x tri-acts karabiners
    • 4x D-shaped karabiners


Grigri taken from climbing setup, quick release from normal setup taken

More Information

Wow – Flying when you struggle to walk!

My Mum was staying on holiday with us in Cornwall. She has difficulty walking following a spinal injury some years ago, had to learn to walk again in fact, so can walk only a few steps. She has to use a wheelchair or mobility scooter to get around. She’d seen the Skywire on a previous visit to Eden and really wanted to be able to give this a go. I think the feeling of freedom this could give her was a real driver. Having had an email exchange with Lauraine, I was re assured that with some support and assistance Mum might actually be able to do this. 

The team on the day were brilliant! Patient, helpful and nothing was too much trouble. From getting Mum knitted up in her harness, to setting her off on her flight and getting her back on her feet again at the end of the flight.

This really was a dream come true for her, she was blown away by being able to fly and for a few minutes not having to worry about her limited mobility, she was like anyone else.

The team took real care of her throughout and I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped make this happen. A very, very happy 76 year old will treasure this memory (as will we having watched her flight).

Dawn G – Tripadvisor Review


We went along today for Daddy-O’s christmas present on the sky wire! He loved it! Sadly the boys weren’t heavy enough to go but when we went back in to get the photos (at a great price) the lovely young lady explained all the options to us that they could do! We opted for the BIG AIR!

Issac was the boys instructor and he was SUPER! Harry jumped like a pro every time and LOVED IT! but James who has autism couldnt quite ‘get it’ his brain saying one thing & his body doing another , Issac was so patient and encouraging, he was an absolute blessing to our fun morning out and ensured that james jumped , had fun and felt proud of himself!

Staff can make or break an experience and the lads and lasses here are all wonderful! However Issac is now our favourite and the family can,t wait to come back and do the Sky Trek.

10/10 for experience all round! Thank you so much!

AnnieTripadvisor Review